The final day of CVI Ermelo 2018!



The final day of CVI Ermelo 2018 was a wonderful day. The competitions were great, with a good atmosphere and an exciting battle in the finals between the best competitors of the different CVI Ermelo classes.

CVIJ2* competition male individuals  Philipp Stippel (GER) 8.030
CVIJ2* competition female individuals Fabienne Nitkowski (GER) 8.231
CVIJ2* competition squad RV Nordheim I (GER) 8.033

CVI3* competition female individuals Janika Derks (GER) 8.205
CVI3* competition male individuals Lambert Leclezio (FRA) 8.747

CVI2* competition female individuals Nathalie Dohnert (GER) 7.764
CVI2* competition male individuals Amalric Watel (FRA) 7.136

CVI2* competition squad Mainz-Ebersheim 1 (GER) 7.166
CVI3* competition squad Team Norka VV Koln Dunnwald (GER) 8.272

CVI2* Pas de Deux Jasmin GLAHN / Mara MARSCHALL (GER) 7.431
CVIJ2* Pas de Deux Diana HARWARDT / Peter KUNNE (GER) 8.081
CVI3* Pas des Deux Silvia STOPAZZINI / Lorenzo LUPACCHINI (ITA) 8.853

We congratulate all the winners of CVI Ermelo 2018!